Thursday, May 03, 2012

Summer's back... again!

I can't believe how much we fit into today. The 80-degree weather definitely helped. During bath-time, we always talk about our favorite parts of the day. Tonight, when I started listing off the options, I started to realize how many fun things we did, and so did Jack. His response to the most fun thing we did? "I liked everything we did today." Me too, buddy!

No school today and no Jazzercise this morning meant we could have a slow morning, which meant I could make pancakes. We really like pancakes in our house, so Jack and enjoyed the blueberry ones this morning. Then, we did a little laundry, changed the sheets (another really fun chore because we count to three and run), and watched a few Jack shows (Reid rolled over a few more times too!).

While Reid was taking his morning nap, I folded a load of laundry while Jack played in the basement. It was one of those moments I just stopped myself and watched what was happening. Jack had his Thor helmet on and was "fishing" with his fishing pole and my mom's exercise tube. He told me he was fishing for rainbow fish. I couldn't help but smile. It only lasted about five minutes before he ran off to build a fort, but I really enjoyed watching him "fish".

So Reid woke up, we all got dressed and packed up the sand toys. It was off to our play date at a new park. Again, the Moms and Tots group comes through with a win. We went to Deicke Park in Huntley. This park had a play area called the Discovery Park that is all fenced in. It has every awesome play thing a kid like Jack could want: sand, water, railroad crossing sign with working bell, swings, playhouses, and more.




Outside of the Discovery Park, there is also this huge old-school metal slide. We checked that out with some our new friends, and it passed the inspection. We had a picnic lunch on a picnic table near the slide. Jack would slide, then stop in for a few bites of yogurt. There was also another playground near the old-school slide, and we played there for a good hour. Reid had a pretty good time hanging in the stroller. He even took a little nap.

On our way home from the park, we stopped at Dairy Queen for ice cream. I love hot fudge sundaes, and I needed an excuse to get one. A hot day seems good enough reason to me! Jack decided he wanted the drinkable ice cream. Turns out this means a shake. Done and done.


After rest, it was still hot and sunny, so we took out the sprinkler. Are you tired reading about this yet? I was definitely feeling tired by then. So Jack played in the sprinkler while I rested on the screened in porch. Reid was sleeping, so I had the monitor on and I figured the screened-in porch was a good middle ground.


We also got some more basement playtime in before dinner and bath. Both boys were asleep by 7:30 tonight. I should be asleep now. And that's where I will be heading momentarily.

Hanging with the boys

Unfortunately, all of Chicagoland did not have the wonderful weather we had today. Because O'Hare seems to be getting some hail, Minnesota gets to keep Steve for another night. While we were talking about the bummerness of it all, both Steve and I realize that we've been pretty lucky that this is the first time this has happened in a LONG time. I hope Jack is as understanding. He did ask me as he was falling asleep if Daddy was going to be home tonight and if Daddy would come in and check on him. I told him he would be. I think we'll get donuts in the morning to cheer us up.

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