Tuesday, May 01, 2012

Recent Event Wrap-up

I was so enjoying writing these posts, and then my husband came home and I remembered how much I enjoy spending time with him too. Then I got sick. But I'm back!

Last Friday, the boys and I met my parents and Nick at The Treehouse in Lake Zurich. That place is so awesome. My parents and I got to sit and talk (and play with/hold Reid) the entire time. Nick and Jack ran around the place laughing for two hours. They did make a brief stop for lunch. It was at lunch that I saw the most amazing thing. Nick finished eating his hotdog and then asked to be excused. He has such great manners! And I definitely give credit to my sister Susie and brother-in-law Pete for teaching him. Now, can I get Nick to teach Jack to sit at the table the entire time while eating and then asked to be excused?




I already posted about my fun adventure with a flat tire on Saturday. But Steve and I also had a pseudo date night. Steve's boss got married, and we were invited to the reception. We met up with a bunch of his co-workers for dinner and then headed over to the party. Dinner was fantastic. I had a great steak and twice-baked potato followed by S'Mores for dessert. Yep, we roasted marshmallows at the table and everything. It was great! Steve's co-workers are also a pretty fun bunch, and I laughed a lot at dinner. The wedding reception was also very nice. But Steve and I don't really dance much or party very hard any more. We usually have to wake up way too early for that business. My parents did stay with the boys for us and even stayed overnight to help us out in the morning. They are great!

Sunday was an awesome day. We had absolutely nothing we HAD to do. I had forgotten how wonderful those days are. We all stayed in our pajamas until noon, much to Jack's delight. Steve got Jack down for a nap. Reid slept. Steve got a haircut. I wrote a blog post. It was wonderful. Reid and I even got to go hang out with Auntie Bubbles so I could re-learn how to sew.

I haven't sewn in a very long time. Way back in junior high, I made a pretty nice potholder for my mom and some sweet "multiples" pants. I guess I did make my bridesmaids purses when I got married too, but that was almost seven years ago. Anyway, Cathy has become an incredible quilter. Both Jack and Reid love the quilts she made them. Steve and I love the burp clothes she has made for us. So now that I don't have papers to grade all of the time, I was able to spend a Sunday night hanging out with my sister working on sewing projects. I cut out squares of fabric for a quilt she's making for Susie's baby. I helped edit and size pictures for another quilt she is making. And I got to make my very own burp clothe. She was very nice to let me use her very expensive sewing machine.


I don't know if you can tell in the photo below, but I'm definitely a beginner. I got three out of the four seams pretty straight. The last seam was definitely NOT straight. I didn't tighten the guide enough, and we went off the rails so to say. Fortunately for me, this does not affect the final outcome of a burp clothe very much. So it was still a rousing success, and I get to come back again to learn more.


And now it's already Tuesday. We've taken Jack to school, gotten the tire fixed on the Honda, gone to soccer class, gone to Jazzercise, checked out new books from the library, and attended a very fun play date with the moms group. We still have more school and play dates to come this week too. I do love that this is the busy in my life.

Here are a few more fun pictures just because

Reid waiting for the tire to be fixed
Reid waiting patiently for our tire to be replaced

Jack leading stretches at soccer class

Breyer sunning herself on the deck

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Susie Nustra said...

Thanks for the shout out! Asking to be excused is Nick's only table manner, so he is a work in progress. We even have to remind him that silly faces are unacceptable during the dinner prayer. I thought your seams looked perfectly straight in the photo. Also, I LOVE the picture of Reid eating his Auntie Bubbles!