Friday, May 04, 2012

I'm exhausted

This is going to be a fairly short post tonight. My brain is not functioning at its best. Though, I've learned a few things this week that I would like to share before I forget.

#1 - There is such a thing as too much fun. I love the Moms group that I found in Dundee. The organizer, Rachel, is amazing at planning really fun stuff. And all of the moms and kids we have met are lots of fun to hang out with. This week, I signed us up for three events. Before this week, I was trying to do at least one event a week, maybe two. I learned that three in one week is too many for us. We had fun today at the park. It was great. But there was also an open house at Jack's school that we wanted to stop by. And this morning while Reid was napping, Jack and I were playing Slap Dragon, a fun card game. All I could think about while we played was how nice it would be if we didn't have anywhere to go today. That's when I realized there is such a thing as too much fun.

#2 - Figuring out your own child's education plan is way harder than helping other people's kids do the same thing. I can sit down with just about any high school kid and talk future plans. I can help them explore options and think about their possibilities. I can even do a pretty decent job of helping them come to their own conclusions about what they should do. But I cannot seem to pick the best preschool/elementary school option for Jack. I am really appreciating Sleepy Hollow Elementary now. I really like his preschool teacher there. No, it is not Little Wildcats (I don't think anything can compare to Little Wildcats), but I do think Jack has adjusted well and is succeeding there. But we signed him up to go to Liberty Elementary next year since that is where he will go to kindergarten. Today, I was talking to another mom from his preschool class and found out that her son will go to Liberty Elementary for kindergarten too, but she purposely chose SH for preschool because of the teacher. SH has a 5-day morning spot still open for next year. Now I think I should have him stay there instead of switching schools again. At least this way when he goes to kindergarten, he'll go with three or four kids he knows.

If I'm having this much trouble with preschool, I am screwed when it comes to college. Hopefully Jack will remain his independent, confident self and have his own ideas about what he wants to do post-high school. If I could get him to make the preschool decision, I would.

#3 Sleep/rest is really important for me too. I have mom-guilt today. Reid started rolling over two days ago. He is now a rolling mad-man. He can only get onto his tummy though, so after a few minutes he gets  irritated and needs help getting back to his back. Once you put him on his back, he rolls right back over to his tummy. It's quite cute really. But here's the problem. In my haze of exhaustion this afternoon, I forgot how quickly he rolls and put him on the couch. I stepped away. He rolled off the couch and started screaming. I felt terrible. He is fine. No marks, no concussion, no bleeding. Just shock and fear. I held him for the next two hours just to make sure. And he let me hold him for the next two hours just to feel safe. Usually he doesn't like to be held for too long. I need sleep so I can be on my game. These guys move too quickly for me to be off.

So now I'm going to go to sleep. Tomorrow should be a pretty easy day. Shopping and a birthday party. I think I can handle it.

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