Thursday, December 01, 2011

Adjusting to maternity leave

It has almost been three weeks since Reid was born. We're now in that weird transition time when I feel almost normal but we can't quite be "normal" since I still get tired pretty easily and Reid doesn't have a real schedule yet. I'm also feeling a little cabin-fever-ish.

Reid is growing nicely. At his two-week appointment on Monday, he weighed 9 lbs. He's also starting to stay awake for longer periods of time during the stretch in the morning and one in the afternoon/evening. He usually sleeps for about 2-3 hour stretches, which is nice especially at night.

So far, we have ventured out to pick up Jack from school several times. We even went in to introduce Reid to Jack's friends (only looking, no touching). Jack was a very proud big brother. Reid and I have also taken short excursions to Starbucks and Caribou Coffee for hot chocolate and such.

Our usual day consists of lots of home improvement shows, laundry, and playing with Breyer. We're trying to get started on Christmas shopping and thank you cards.

In the meantime, Jack and Steve have been keeping very busy. Jack has been having lots of fun at school every day. He's also a very proud big brother. He takes his nap every day at school so he can come home and play with Reid and me. Steve has been very busy working like normal and also being the "mobile" parent. Since Reid eats so often right now, Steve gets stuck making the Trader Joe's/Target runs and taking Jack to family parties and outings to keep his schedule as normal as possible.

Now that it is December, we are getting into the Christmas spirit. Thanks to Jack and Steve, we have a beautiful Christmas tree. Jack was a big help decorating it this year. He LOVED putting the ornaments on the tree, and for the most part, he was very careful with all of the ornaments. Jack has also been having fun trying to decide what to ask Santa for Christmas. Most often he'll name whatever toy he saw  most recently.

And just because it's fun, here are a few more pictures that we have taken recently. Enjoy!