Friday, April 10, 2015

Fun Things From Today (FTFT) 09-04-2015

Today went according to plan, which is pretty amazing considering there are five of us to coordinate.

When I asked Jack what his favorite part of the day was, he said all of it. (Side note: this does not mean that he didn't whine and complain throughout the day about everything... He still did that).

We took a canal boat tour after breakfast. This was the favorite for me and Reid. The city is gorgeous, filled with medieval architecture. We also enjoyed the low bridges and the variety of animals including swans and dogs.

We also toured the Half Moon Brewery, the only brewery within the canals in Bruges. It was cool to see the modern brewery works and then immediately see the old original brewery machinery. We even got to go up on the roof for a beautiful view of Bruges. Did I mention we also liked the beer? They brew a nice blonde and a tripel.

After lunch at the brewery, we took a short train ride to Ostend to play in the sand and see the sea. The boys really enjoyed digging their feet in the sand and having a good play. Colin was a little jealous, but since he's still putting everything in his mouth, I wasn't brave enough to let him play too. 

When we returned to Bruges and the hotel, Colin had a great time exploring and playing around our room. There are lots of things for him to pull up on and see, and he even figured out how to get through the doors!

So today was filled with a little something for everyone. 

Wednesday, April 08, 2015

Fun Things From Today (FTFT) 08-04-2015

We We went to Bruges today, and what a beautiful city it is!

We did a little wandering around after lunch, stopped in a chocolate shop, ate chocolates in the square. It was nice.

We also found a playground. This was by far the boys' favorite part of the day. They got to play around in the sand and go down huge slides.

For dinner, Steve got his mussels with white wine and I got to try Flemish stew. We both enjoyed our meals. Jack and Reid continue to enjoy the French fries.


Tuesday, April 07, 2015

Fun Things From Today (FTFT) 07-04-2015

So many fun things from today! We are off on our holiday to Belgium!

We rode 5 different trains today including the Eurostar, which was excellent. 

We explored around the Grand Place in Brussels. My favorite part of the day was getting Jack and Reid to really look at the architecture around the Place. All I had to do was ask how Jack would build the buildings in Minecraft. By the end, both boys were taking note of the gold details and beautiful stone carvings!

We also ate some waffles with chocolate and then immediately went for frites and juice (and beer for Mom and Dad)

The boys love the apartment we have rented for the night. So much so, we had to fight them to get them to leave it to get waffles!

Monday, April 06, 2015

Fun Things From Today (FTFT) 30-03-2015

I took the boys to the park this afternoon. Reid had fun digging up cars in the sand. Jack made a tunnel through the sand. It was a bit cold though, so we didn't stay long.

Colin pulled himself up to a stand today. 

Fun Things From Today and Yesterday (FTFT) 06-04-2015

Today was beautiful weather-wise. So we enjoyed the day at Bushy Park with Preston and Henry. 

Jack and Reid had a great time exercising their freedom by scooting fast down the paths and running through the fields.

Colin enjoyed a play on the picnic blanket with Henry. We attempted to teach him how to share, but he still needs some practice :). 

Yesterday was Easter, and the boys had a great morning. We woke up to Jack excitedly discovering the eggs the Easter bunny had left in their room. 

Both Jack and Reid really enjoyed their books from the bunny, and spent most of the morning reading. They also really enjoyed the chocolate. Reid spent most of the day sneaking extra pieces.

Colin seems to really like his Easter present too, a pop-up color toy. In fact, all three boys have been playing with that non-stop. 

Steve made a great beef roast and vegetables for Easter dinner. 

Friday, April 03, 2015

Fun things from today (FTFT) 03-04-2015

We were invited to a playdate at a school friend of Jack's. Both Jack and Reid had a fantastic time and were on their best behavior. George has a trampoline in his garden, and the boys absolutely loved it. 

After lunch, we came back home to meet up with Steve and have a little family time since he had the day off. We spent the afternoon in Kingston checking out the comic book store (Jack now has a Spider-Man comic), enjoying ice cream and coffee, and finding chocolate bunnies at the Lindt exhibition at the Bentall Centre.