Monday, April 06, 2015

Fun Things From Today and Yesterday (FTFT) 06-04-2015

Today was beautiful weather-wise. So we enjoyed the day at Bushy Park with Preston and Henry. 

Jack and Reid had a great time exercising their freedom by scooting fast down the paths and running through the fields.

Colin enjoyed a play on the picnic blanket with Henry. We attempted to teach him how to share, but he still needs some practice :). 

Yesterday was Easter, and the boys had a great morning. We woke up to Jack excitedly discovering the eggs the Easter bunny had left in their room. 

Both Jack and Reid really enjoyed their books from the bunny, and spent most of the morning reading. They also really enjoyed the chocolate. Reid spent most of the day sneaking extra pieces.

Colin seems to really like his Easter present too, a pop-up color toy. In fact, all three boys have been playing with that non-stop. 

Steve made a great beef roast and vegetables for Easter dinner. 

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