Friday, March 02, 2007

Busy, Busy, Busy

I think we are gluttons for punishment.

Steve has started his GMAT preparation class on Sunday evenings. Those of you who know my husband, know exactly what a big deal it is that he is giving up his Sundays to go to class, all the way downtown, for three hours. It's taking a little getting used to, Steve going to class and me staying home, but I think we're getting a handle on it. I'm super excited that he's moving forward on the grad school stuff... it's nice to share the stress of grad school with someone.

Speaking of grad school, I'm busy working on my journalism project class. Two weekends ago, Steve drove me around Chicago to visit and photograph 4 parks. Despite the dumping of snow the night before, we put on the boots and made the rounds. It went pretty well despite the white blanket on everything. Now, I wait to go back after winter has really left us.

Work has certainly not let up any since we buckled down on the studies. There's really not much to tell here; we feel like we work all of the time. If there's not something to grade, there's something to plan (although, there is ALWAYS something to grade). And Steve is busy doing that computer stuff that he does.

So we thought, grad school and work, that's really not that much. There are lots of people who work and go to grad school. We need more to do. So, Relay For Life planning is picking up. The informational kick-off went off well on Wednesday. Now, we have to make sure the event plans all get done. We signing up teams now, so if you are not on a team yet, or haven't signed up your team... do it now at Relay For Life of Wheeling.

Since Relay isn't actually until June, we thought we'd add one more thing to our list of activities: House hunting. That's right, the Barretts have begun looking for a new, larger home. We at the beginning of the process, so there is no rush on a decision to move. That's making the process fun. We've already seen a couple of houses that we like, so we're getting an idea of what we want in a house. We're also exploring different areas to get a better idea of where we really want to live. Since the getting the Nustras to Palatine is looking like a long shot, we're keeping our options open. We've also started the process of getting the townhouse ready to sell. So, if you know of anyone who wants a really nice townhouse, have them call us.

So I think that's it... Until next time!