Monday, October 27, 2008

Mini update

I know it has been a while since my last post. Things have been hectic to say the least. Here's a run down of what we have been up to. I hope to post more either next weekend or the weekend after.

Phil and Nikki are married! We traveled to Manhattan Beach, Calif. for a beautiful wedding and weekend of fun. The best part: Jack was a pretty good flyer for a 9-month-old. Okay, the beautiful weather and the great cake were pretty awesome too. Did you know that there is a baker out there who makes Tollhouse cake? Yep... pretty awesome.

Crawling and climbing and standing! That's right, the little guy crawls on all fours everywhere now. He even climbs up the stairs and heads right for the electrical outlet (thank goodness Steve already put in the outlet plugs). He also started pulling himself up to a stand. He did this for the first time while we were in California, but he really got good at it this weekend while playing with Grandma Sue and Pepere.

Colds suck. Jack and I have both been fighting colds for the last two weeks. Knock on wood, we're on the tail end here. I've never seen so much snot in my life (sorry for the visual Auntie Bubbles).

Another thing that sucks... separation anxiety. Steve and I are pretty sure we're to blame for the latest onset of this because we spoiled Jack pretty rotten in California and right after we got back by letting him sleep with us. But now we're trying to get him back to his own bed. Tonight, it took a half hour of crying before the little guy settled down to sleep. He's there though! He cries anytime he is left alone in his room. He used to play by himself pretty well, even in the mornings before we would come get him. I'm hoping this is just a stage.

Final exam time - grading hell. I'm knee-deep in essays and stories to grade right now. Not to mention all of the grad school homework I have to do (photo shoots are time consuming). Luckily, we have family around to help. Although, I really wish I could just spend that time with Jack instead of having to ask someone else to play with him while I work.

I think that's about it for now. With Halloween coming, I'm sure I'll have more exciting things to write about at the end of the week!

Sunday, October 12, 2008

9-months old

Jack is now 9 months old. Ahh! Where did the time go?! He sits up on his own now. He army crawls everywhere. He climbs on the furniture (end tables and book shelves). And he has even started to break his dad's stuff (he knocked over the PS2).

He weighed in 17 lbs 9 oz at his appointment on Saturday. He's in the 10th percentile for weight. I'm not sure how this happens since he is eating way more than the other kids his age! His "height"/length is 29.25 inches. He's in the 80th percentile for height. The other big news from this appointment is that he is officially off of the Zantac! Yea for outgrowing baby reflux.

Here are the 9-month photos that we took this weekend.
9 month bear 1

9 month bear 3

9-month 1

9 month 2

sitting up 1

sitting up 2

I know that's a lot of photos, but he's just so photogenic!

We also celebrated Steve's birthday again, this time with my family. We made tacos and tortilla soup on Saturday night. Luckily, everyone was able to come. The best part was watching Jack and Nick play together. They are finally getting old enough to interact with one another. It's awesome!

playing with Nick 1

playing with Nick 2

And just because my nephew is also the cutest thing ever, here are a few more shots of him!

Nicky 1

Nicky 3

Galla Galla Rida
check out Steve's face in that one!

Nick and his dad
I love it when the boys dress alike!

Alrighty, that's about it for this week. Next week will be exciting! We will be off to celebrate our friends' Nikki and Phil's wedding. More on that later!

Monday, October 06, 2008

What a week!

Last week was action-packed here at the Barrett household. Steve turned 30. Jack got his first pumpkin. Okay, that doesn't sound like much, but really, it was.

I had the day off on Tuesday. So in the afternoon, Jack and I met up with the Carro's for a visit to Goebbert's. It was so much fun. Jack just loved playing with Olivia. I loved hanging out with my friend.

Thursday was Steve's 30th birthday. We celebrated first thing in the morning with the opening of cards and presents. Jack was so happy to celebrate too. He woke up smiling and laughing. I think that's what got Steve to be happy to open cards and presents at 6 a.m. On my way home from grad school, I picked up the second part of the celebration - the Chocolate Cake Shake from Portillo's. If you haven't had one of these, you need to. It's liquid chocolate cake goodness.

The birthday celebration didn't end there. On Saturday, after some hard playing around the house (and Jack starting to scoot/army crawl around the house) we headed off to City Grandma's house. Jack got to play with Nannie and Papa Pete while Steve and I had dinner with Phil and Nikki at Kuma's Korner.

This is the place for metal heads who like burgers. The rock music blasted while our thoroughly tattooed (and very knowledgeable) waitress waited on us. Just to give you an idea of how hard-core this place is, Steve's burger had a fried egg on it. My cousins Scott and Andrew, as well as my sister Connie, will love this place. We can't wait to go back.

We then headed down the street to Chief O'Neill's for some drinks. It was nice to feel like we lived in the city again, if only for a few hours.

Sunday was nice. Steve got his homework done. I got to catch up on sleep. Jack practiced maneuvering around the living room.

Alright, that about covers this past week. Here are some photos from Goebberts!






Wednesday, October 01, 2008

My baby loves pumpkins!

Originally uploaded by kar.barrett

Okay, I know this is a middle of the week blog. And to be honest, I should be grading or at least cleaning up the house. But I had to download my pictures for grad school anyway.

So isn't Jack just the cutest here? I think he looks pretty excited about being at the pumpkin farm. However, the reality is that he is trying to eat the pebbles that he is sitting on. Darn the phase where they like to put everything in their mouths!

Okay, back to work!