Sunday, January 14, 2007

Not much is new

The winter doldrums have set in. Steve and I are happily keeping up with life right now. Our most exciting venture lately has been Steve's attempt to install a new thermostat (we couldn't get the unit to turn on though. Hopefully Peter can figure that out!).

Basically, we are doing all of the "new year" activities. We are trying to eat healthier, to work out more, to spend more time with Breyer, and to watch the Bears. Go Bears!

Our life sure is busy though. Relay For Life is starting to heat up. Kick Off is at the end of February. Finals week at Wheeling is next week, so I should be grading right now (I'm just taking a break though). Steve is going to take the GMAT at the beginning of February, so he is studying for that. And my next grad class starts at the end of January. Although, I have to finish my last grad class before that (I got an extension on a story).

Actually, now that I look back on what I just wrote, we don't have the winter doldrums. We are enjoying ourselves! And I was wrong about the thermostat being the most exciting thing... We have booked our trip to Ireland for June! That's way more exciting than a programmable thermostat any day. So, maybe I just need to make sure I keep up with this blog so that I don't lose sight of all of the fun things we are doing :)