Saturday, October 27, 2012

My gorgeous husband and children

Steve needed a good headshot for work, so I got to take some pictures of him today. I love this happy Steve.

sbarrett color


When I told him I wanted to buy new clothes :)

I also have some pretty cute pics of the boys to include here from recently. Jack was kind enough to watch shows on my phone while I set my camera settings for Steve's shoot. So far, Reid is two for two crying during halloween/fall pictures. We'll see how it goes tomorrow when we go trick or treating with the Nustras and Wednesday for actual Halloween. But really, who doesn't love a good crying baby photo? And then there's the ones of Reid figuring out how to play with toilet paper. Enjoy!









Saturday, October 13, 2012

Photos, Photos, Photos

I've been taking so many pictures lately, and I'd love to write about all of them. But I'm slightly realistic at times, and this is going to be one of them. So instead of waiting to write about these, I'm just going to post so we can all enjoy them. For context, I'm posting them basically in reverse chronological order (newest to oldest, but there are a few exceptions).




















Reid - 10 and 11 months

I totally owe Reid a blog post, or two. Oops! Welcome to being the second child, I guess.

So Reid turned 11 months yesterday. He's definitely looking more like a little boy lately. He had his first haircut this week! I don't think we cut Jack's hair until he was two. Reid did well though. He batted at the stylist's hand every once in a while, but mostly he just "drove" the car and watched Toy Story 3.

So at 11 months, Reid is trying very hard to walk on his own. He loves to hold our hands and walk around. In fact, he'd much rather do that than play some times. He will walk around with push toys a lot when we play in the basement.

Second only to walking as a favorite activity would be climbing the stairs. Reid can now climb up all three flights of stairs in our house in one climb. One of us just has to follow him up in case he decides to try to sit and take a break. By the time he gets to the top, he's awfully proud of himself. We just have to teach him how to come back down safely now.

Another favorite playtime activity is ball. Reid will sit and roll the ball back and forth with us. He also loves to kick a ball around while "walking" holding our hands. This is how he has spent the last two of Jack's soccer practices. Have I mentioned that my back is starting to hurt more lately?

We have had lots fun watching Reid begin to play with friends lately. There are a couple of boys close to Reid's age that we get together with, and Reid will crawl around chasing them and laugh with them. He even let one of his friends "tackle" him. It was very cute. Reid's been playing with Jack for a while, but it's nice to see him start to recognize other kids he can play with too.

Reid has six teeth now. He has four on top and two on the bottom. I'm sure he'll be getting some more pretty soon though. He seems to be constantly chewing on something. He'll even bite down on us if we aren't careful! All of the teething and biting is worth it, though, because he seems to be chewing and eating better lately.

I'm pretty happy because Reid is finally taking to table food. He loves strawberries and fruit. He is also a fan of pasta and vegetables. He loves cooked carrots and broccoli. It's so nice to be able to feed him pieces of what we eat for dinner instead of trying to get him to eat baby food.

Another exciting development is his babbling. He makes several distinct sounds like "ta" and "ss" and "da". We haven't figured out if he is associating these sounds with anything in particular, but it's fun to talk to him and hear him try to talk back. Last night, we were watching the turkeys in our backyard, and he pointed and said "ta" a lot. I'd like to think he was trying to say "turkey."

One of my favorite developments has been Reid's ability to wave and clap. He loves to wave at us and others, and sometimes he'll even do it on command. The clapping is still at the early stages, but he likes to clap when he's sitting down and happy about something. There's just something too cute about babies waving and clapping.

I almost forgot to write about his sleeping habits. I hope I don't jinx this, but Reid has become a pretty good napper. He consistently takes a morning nap from 9 - 10/10:30 and an afternoon nap from 1-2/3. It's fantastic. He'll even sleep through the night every once in a while. But most nights he stills wakes up once or twice.

Okay, time for the photos. Since I missed the 10-month update, we'll start with those. Then I have a few 11-month pictures, but I think I'm going to take some more tomorrow. I didn't quite get what I was looking for in our shoot yesterday. I'm picky.

10 months




11 months