Friday, April 10, 2015

Fun Things From Today (FTFT) 09-04-2015

Today went according to plan, which is pretty amazing considering there are five of us to coordinate.

When I asked Jack what his favorite part of the day was, he said all of it. (Side note: this does not mean that he didn't whine and complain throughout the day about everything... He still did that).

We took a canal boat tour after breakfast. This was the favorite for me and Reid. The city is gorgeous, filled with medieval architecture. We also enjoyed the low bridges and the variety of animals including swans and dogs.

We also toured the Half Moon Brewery, the only brewery within the canals in Bruges. It was cool to see the modern brewery works and then immediately see the old original brewery machinery. We even got to go up on the roof for a beautiful view of Bruges. Did I mention we also liked the beer? They brew a nice blonde and a tripel.

After lunch at the brewery, we took a short train ride to Ostend to play in the sand and see the sea. The boys really enjoyed digging their feet in the sand and having a good play. Colin was a little jealous, but since he's still putting everything in his mouth, I wasn't brave enough to let him play too. 

When we returned to Bruges and the hotel, Colin had a great time exploring and playing around our room. There are lots of things for him to pull up on and see, and he even figured out how to get through the doors!

So today was filled with a little something for everyone. 

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