Wednesday, May 02, 2012

Milestones on a do-nothing day

Steve left today for another business trip. Jack was up at 6 a.m. to see him go. He's very cute about watching Steve leave through the tall window in our room. He actually jumps up and down waving at him. Don't worry, he's also this excited to see Steve return home.

So Steve left and it was raining. In my book, those are good reasons to have a "do-nothing" day. Jack still went to school, but we didn't have any other plans for our day. We could do, or not do, anything we wanted. I wanted Starbucks, so Reid and I stopped there on our way back home after dropping Jack off at school. I enjoyed my coffee while Reid and I played on the floor. He practiced rolling onto his side and getting me excited about the possibility of him rolling over (just to fall back onto his back and smile at me).


After we picked Jack up, we came home to play Play-Doh, Ice Cream Shoppe Play-Doh to be exact. Jack and I both enjoyed this a ton. I had no idea they made sprinkle Play-Doh. It looks like Funfetti cake batter, so that made it a little hard to not actually eat. It definitely does not taste like Funfetti cake mix, for the record.


We also got a little laundry done. Jack enjoys pouring the soap into the washer and helping put clothes in. Actually, he likes every step of the actual washing and drying process. He hasn't caught on to the folding part yet, but I can get him to put clothes away. So overall, it's a pretty successful and fun operation we have going. That's why we can do it on a do-nothing day; laundry is fun at our house :). And before you all start asking, we do not do laundry at other people's homes. Sorry.

So what milestones are you alluding to, Karen? Well, Reid finally DID roll over tonight! I was talking to my mom on the phone and making dinner while Jack watched Calliou and Reid played on his playmat. When I walked back around the corner to check on Reid (who was playing in the dining room, far away from Jack), he was on his tummy! I tried to get him to do it again, but he wouldn't. He is a very happy kid, and I don't think he sees a real reason to roll over. So I think when he did it tonight, it was accidental. We'll see tomorrow.


I often feel that this blog focuses a lot on me and the boys and not enough on Steve. I think that's because I know my husband is not big on talking about himself and certainly not boasting about himself. But he does some pretty amazing stuff. He loves to run, and that's the focus of my bragging about him tonight. He flew to Minneapolis this afternoon for some meetings that take place tomorrow. That gave him lots of time this evening to do what he wanted. He decided to run. He ran through a wildlife preserve about a mile away from his hotel. It looks pretty nice. Check out the photos.




When I travel, I like to order room service and watch TV shows I don't normally watch. My husband is a much more ambitious person than I am. He likes to run. I think that's pretty awesome.

On a final note, here is Reid perfecting the do-nothing day. It looks pretty awesome doesn't it? You should all try it tomorrow.


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Susie Nustra said...

I can't wait for my do nothing day!!!! Maybe I will get a few in June :)