Monday, May 14, 2012

Enough with the Pee!

Good news, I have four out of the five ingredients needed to effectively remove the urine stains and smells from my house. I just need to buy hydrogen peroxide and I'm set.

We are a little tired of urine in our house. It seems that Steve and I are the only ones who can get it in the right place. Jack is close.

Over the last few days, we have entered another round of "everyone pees everywhere" in our house. I can't count how many times Breyer has peed on the carpet in the last week. It's been that many. We have convinced Jack to give up pull-ups at night, so we are experiencing that learning curve. And Reid, well, he loves diaper changes, and I don't think he realizes he's peeing on the wall because he just stares at me with this inquisitive look, like "what's the problem, Mom? Make with the new diaper already!"

All of this has led to a disgusting urine smell that lightly permeates the upstairs bedroom quarters. Today I hit my limit. I could smell the odor, but I couldn't find a new source. The Resolve isn't hacking it anymore.

So I again turned to the trusty internet. What did people do without the internet? I guess people just went around not knowing the names of the caterpillars in their backyards and learned to enjoy the smell of urine.

Through my search, I found the following recipe to be the most widely cited. So tomorrow, I think we will be hitting up Target for a little hydrogen peroxide. Maybe we'll pierce somebody's ears, too just for old time's sake.

White Vinegar
Baking Soda
3 percent Hydrogen Peroxide
Dishwashing detergent

Basically, I'm going to mix a solution of half water, half vinegar and soak the stained areas. After soaking that out with towels, I'll sprinkle the baking soda over the area. Then I'm going to mix a half cup of the hydrogen peroxide with a teaspoon of the dish detergent and spray that over the baking soda.  Scrub. Let dry. Vacuum. And then hopefully success.

I love our dog. I love our children. I really hate pee. I hope this works.


Susie Nustra said...

Interesting that you don't have hydrogen peroxide at your house, but I am hoping the pee smell is gone soon. Keep us posted on the no pull-ups at night time...I hate the smell of urine so much that I am not willing to attempt that again anytime soon with Nicky.

Tina said...

HP can/will discolor your carpet, so be VERY liberal with it. Your best bet is head to PetSmart/Co and buy some Natures Miracle. It's an enzyme cleaner which will eliminate the odor and safe for your carpets.

Does B have a bladder infection or health issue happening that she is peeing in the house?

Karen Barrett said...

Here's the update, guys.

The hydrogen peroxide did whiten our carpets, which was not necessarily a bad thing. There is still an odor, but I'm not quite sure what it is. It's not the same as the straight urine smell we had before though, so I would call it an improvement. Steve is not brave enough to sniff.

As for Breyer, she is just getting old. She had her check-up at the vet, and we did ask about it. Part of her issue is that she is scared of thunderstorms, so this usually happens more during storms. Unfortunately, I think this is just an effect of her 13 years.

As for Jack, we've gone two more night without accidents! Hooray! Star stickers help.