Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Reid update - He's 6 months old!

Reid turned 6 months old this past Saturday. We took him to see the doctor then too. He's weighing in at 18 lbs 12 ounces and measures 27 1/4 inches long. This puts him at the 75th percentile for weight and height. His head circumference is in the 95th percentile. He does have a big head, but I think it's because we all tell him how cute and happy he is all of the time.

Reid really is the happiest baby around. He smiles at everyone, even strangers in the grocery store.

He's rolling over from his back to his front. But this is the only time he's unhappy. When he's tired of being on his belly, he can't roll himself back over yet, so he cries.

Reid is grabbing at everything now too. He loves to play with his toys, including his keys, a taggie blanket, and the chicken and cow that hang from his playmat. He also loves his squishie toy, a bunch of wooden balls connected by rubberband-type things. It sounds dangerous, but it's not, I promise.

I think Reid's favorite activity is playing with Jack. He loves when Jack comes over to talk to him. That's when we see Reid's biggest smile. He even likes it when Jack tries to tackle him, although we try to prevent that from happening.

Reid is also making more noises lately. He coos and laughs. But he also likes to make a spitting sound and to buzz his lips.

Finally, Reid is eating baby food now. We started cereal last month, and last week we started green beans and tried some carrots. The green beans were a hit. The carrots are still undecided. Reid had some sleeping issues after we tried carrots and I'm not sure if it was the carrots or just lack of naps. We're going to try carrots again in another week or so.

Hopefully this eating will help him sleep longer at night. We've had a few nights when he only wakes up once, at about 3a.m. or so. Last night, he was up at 1 a.m. and then again at 4:40.

There you have it. There's a little synopsis of Reid halfway through his first year. And, of course, I have pictures to go with it.






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