Thursday, March 26, 2015

Fun things from today (FTFT) 26-03-2015

Colin had an amazing day. He got himself into a sit without any help! And then he started pulling up on everything into a kneeling, then even standing position! We also had some fun playing blocks and knocking over towers.

Jack got to cook at school today. They made chocolate nests with chocolate candy eggs. He seemed to really enjoy breaking the chocolate into bits to be melted. 

Reid said he had a good day at school too playing with his friend Alexander. He made some artwork, but we left it at school so it wouldn't be ruined in the sudden downpour we had to walk home in!

Steve got to visit Liverpool for work today. He's still traveling home, so no word yet on what it was like.

And I got to do a little shopping in Surbiton. I found some cute tops at a very reasonable price at Hoi Polloi. This is the second time I've popped in there on a whim and have made a great find!

First time for three boys in the tub!

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