Sunday, March 22, 2015

Fun things from today (FTFT) 22-03-2015

Reid had a great time at football class this morning. He's able to roll the ball forward, backward, and side to side with the sole of his foot. He was pretty happy to be the demonstrator today.

Jack had a great time digging in the garden with Reid. He decided to dig a Tube tunnel for trains. He learned all about this at the Transport Museum last week with school.

Colin has been spending lots more time on all fours lately. He climbs all over the pillows on the floor and even got out of a basket tonight. 

I made it to yoga again tonight. It was another great class, both relaxing and invigorating. I'm getting better at balancing myself.

Steve and I made a stout beef stew for dinner this afternoon, and we all really enjoyed it.

The boys also played some Risk earlier today. When they'd had enough, they decided to declare a winner based in one last roll each. Reid won. Poor Jack had been rolling great dice all game and missed the last roll. 

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