Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Colin is 9-months old!

Check out that cute face! Can you believe 9 months has passed? Steve actually gave him a haircut this weekend. My sister commented on a photo that he is looking more like a toddler these days. Time is flying by!

At nine months old, Colin now army crawls across the floor. It's pretty fun to watch him pull himself and kick his little legs as he makes his way to whatever catches his eye. Yesterday, while we took pictures, he was intent on getting to the camera. So much so, he started to cry. Of course, the things he usually wants are things he shouldn't have - cords, wires, muddy shoes - the usual dangerous items.

He has also started to babble at lot. He definitely says "da" a lot, and there are some "na"s and "ba"s. I'm trying desperately to teach him to say "ma," but not to much avail, unfortunately.

We've also recently gotten him back into a pretty decent sleep routine, provided his teeth aren't bothering him. He usually take a great morning nap between an hour and two hours. And I can usually get him to sleep for about an hour in the afternoon too. The morning nap is consistently in his bed, which is nice. The afternoon one isn't always so.  I also count it as a win if he only wakes up three times between 7 p.m. and 6:30 a.m.

And he's making progress in the teeth department. His two bottom front teeth are in, and sharp. The two top front teeth are breaking through now, slowly. The last week or so has definitely been a struggle. When the teeth are really bothering him, his nose gets really runny and that makes it hard for him to sleep. He just wants to be held then. And I can't blame him. When we hold him on our shoulders, he's pretty upright and his nose can drain so he can sleep and breathe. Poor guy!

But it's not all struggle and pain. Colin is a big lover of his brothers, and the feeling is mutual. Jack and Reid love to make Colin giggle. They make funny noises, or play peek-a-boo, or just push on his belly to get him laughing. Colin has also started having his own baby playdates. Our neighbor, Henry, and Colin get along pretty well. They definitely like to interact with each other and almost seem to be having conversations when we get them together. Jack's friend Hari also has a little brother who Colin has played with a couple of times. Baby play times are just too cute!

Well, I think those are the big things from the last month. Now we move on to more mobility, more food variety, and possibly stairs or talking. Ahhh!

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