Monday, March 23, 2015

Fun Things From Today (FTFT) 23-03-2015

I had all three boys home worth me today as Jack wasn't feeling well. So we did a bit of "Mom school".

Jack played with the Montessori letters to create sentences. He also wrote a few on a dry erase pad. He also did a floor puzzle, the solar system one we have, all by himself for the first time. He worked through his frustration, and when he finished, he was rightfully very proud!

Reid worked on some mazes today. I also introduced him to the soft foam letters. He was able to pick out the R, which impressed me.

We all worked together to bake chocolate cupcakes. Jack got to practice measuring a liquid, and Reid got to practice pouring. The end result was definitely yummy!

Steve got to talk to his Dad and Anne tonight. 

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