Monday, December 29, 2008

We wish you a Merry Christmas...

This will be the all-Christmas post. I know I've been a little absent from the blogging scene lately, but I've been relaxing and enjoying my time with my boys and my family. There's been lots going on, so I'll try to convey these happenings in this post.

We started our Christmas celebration Dec. 21 at the Watts house. This was the first time Jack got to open presents and he had a good go of it. He would tear the paper off and then stuff it in his mouth if we didn't take it from him fast enough. Truth be told, he and Nick were much more enthralled with Grandma Sue's Tupperware and coffee packets than any of the cool gifts aunts and uncles bought them. (That did change once we got home though. Jack loves his musical toys!).

The adult children did Christmas a little different this year. Instead of buying presents for everyone, we got online at Elfster and did a secret santa type thing. I really enjoyed this. One, because it was fun to focus on just one person and try to get them something they really wanted. Two, because it cut down on the materialism of Christmas. Three, it was much more fun watching Jack and Nick open presents than opening them myself. This was my big realization this Christmas; I really didn't care about any gifts I wanted or was going to receive, I just wanted to see Jack have fun. Now, on that note, I did get very nice gifts. Connie was my Elfster and she gave me the Giada DeLaurentis cookbook (which I have made four recipes already, and all four have been awesome!).

Okay, on to the pictures. Here are the shots from Watts Family Christmas '08.






Our second Christmas celebration was back at home on Christmas Eve with Papa, Grandma Anne, and Auntie Bubbles. We had chicken florentine for dinner and cherry pie for dessert. And then we opened presents. Papa and Grandma Anne were very generous to Jack. They gave him lots of clothes and some really neat toys including a music board.
We also had a visit from Nanna and Papa Pete and they were on there way to Huntley to visit Pete's family. They brought Jack a cool, singing Tigger. It was a nice quiet Christmas Eve.

The Living Room 500



Christmas morning was pretty fun. Jack woke up at 6:30 a.m., which is a little later than normal. We woke up Auntie Bubbles and dragged Dad out of bed. The first present he found from Santa was his puzzle. And he immediately set to playing with it. After that, we started opening presents and stockings. Once the sun came up, we had breakfast and a nap. In the evening, we went to Auntie K and Uncle Al's house for the Unger Family Christmas. That, too, was pretty fun. Jack got to play with Nick again, and all of the Unger Family. We stayed out too late, but it was worth it!









This one is my favorite Christmas Pic




We still have one more Christmas celebration to go: we are going to celebrate with Nana, Papa Pete, Aunt Shayna, Uncle Dick and Shane this weekend. Then, next up is the 1-year-old Birthday Party!

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