Wednesday, December 17, 2008

I'm a master!

Well, kind of. I have officially finished my master of science in journalism. The official graduation ceremony is Friday at 1 p.m., but I will not be attending. It's the last day before winter break and I didn't really know anyone else who would be walking or even be at the graduation.

So I'm pretty happy! Not only does this mean no more grad classes in the forseeable future, but it also means a pay raise! Woo Hoo!

In other news, we spent last weekend partying it up. Friday night was PTech's Christmas party at Hotel Baker. It was way fun. I even got to talk Great Gatsby and Journalism. Saturday night was my friend Gena's wedding at the University of Chicago campus. The bride and everything associated with her were beautiful. We also got to hang out with a lot of my WHS friends who we haven't seen in a while. I really do miss the DeLugas and Sue and Marty. And it is always fun hanging out with the Gruens! Who knew Greg could do such a mean sprinkler? We capped off our weekend at the first birthday party for Isabel, Steve's friend Michelle's daughter. Michelle and Scott know how to throw a first birthday party. Jack loved it. He ate cheese pizza and chocolate cake. It was awesome.

So that's about it for now. I have some grading to get done before break so I can enjoy the two weeks off. Hopefully I'll be able to get some Christmas shopping done in here sometime too!

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Amy and Alan said...

CONGRATULATIONS!! You are a master of many things, but now you're going to get paid for it! Happy Holidays and can't wait to see you guys in a month or so!