Monday, December 29, 2008

Jack 11 month update

Actually, he is much closer to 1 year old now, but I thought I would update you anyway, especially since he hit a big milestone today.

First, here are the 11-month pictures.



You can see that I tried to get the blue bear in, but Jack is much too busy these days to be bothered with posing for pictures. This was the best that I could get. Hopefully the 1-year photos will turn out a little better.

Okay, so what is Jack so busy with these days? Lots! He loves climbing up and down the stairs. He would do this all day if we let him. He also loves to walk around with his push toys. He stands/balances for a second or two without holding onto anything. He's eating all kinds of fun stuff like graham crackers, pasta, eggs, fruit and even had tilapia for dinner the other night. He babbles like crazy when we get the nuk out of his mouth. The most recent sound he has learned is the "th" which kind of sounds like a hissing "s" when he does it. He now plays with Breyer, and Breyer plays back. They chase each other around the house and Jack will giggle non-stop. He loves to lean over backwards, practically upside down, when we hold him. He just learned how to put a toy inside a compartment that closes the other day. He also takes the toy out of the compartment. He loves music. With all of the new music toys he received for Christmas, he dances and plays forever. He bites. He bites me all of the time. He starts in for a hug, which is really cute, and then opens his mouth and chomps down unless I realize it and pull away fast enough. (I'm working on teaching him the right things to bite on instead of people).

So, here is the big news, the big milestone today. Jack took 2 steps on his own! That's right, he toddled! We were playing in the basement when Steve got home from work tonight. He's been walking a lot while holding our hands or his push toy, so we thought we'd give real walking a try. Steve sat across from me, and I held Jack's hands while he stood. Then I let go and Jack took 2 steps to Steve's arms! It was so awesome! Of course, I know this is only going to bring trouble. Mister Busy Fingers will now be able to get places much faster.

So that is our cool news/update from the Jack front. Keep reading for more details on the First Birthday. Right now, I'm struggling with how to celebrate. Just immediate family (Jack's grandparents, aunts, uncles and cousins) comes up to 22 people. If we add on extended family, we're up around 50. Not sure I can fit that many people in our house at once.

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Tina said...

Congrats on the walking!! GO JACK!! As far as the biting, David had an issue to and here's what my Pedi. told me to do. When he bites you scream OUCH as loud, sharp and startling as you can. Enough to make Jack cry. David never bit me again. Matt didn't believe that it worked until he did it too. Hope that helps.