Friday, December 19, 2008

Christmas Shopping

Is it wrong to take the baby shopping for his own Christmas gifts? I'm operating under the assumption that my 11-month-old doesn't remember things for more than 48 hours (unless the action is repeated or the item reappears). So, today, Jack and I found the coolest toy store. It's called Learning Express Toys. Jack was able to play while I was able to shop. And they had some pretty cool stuff.

After that, we hit Toys R Us. I wasn't sure if Learning Express would have the best prices, so I wanted to compare. It turns out the specialty store had the same toys for cheaper. Add that to the fact that the people were nicer there, you can see why I will be shopping at Learning Express much more often now.

To top off our afternoon, we went to Carter's to find some jammies. This boy grows out of jammies way too quickly. We found a nice pair to wear for Santa, so I think he's set for Christmas.

Now, you might be asking yourself, today was Friday, how was Karen shopping? SNOW DAY! With the snow and ice last night and this morning, D214 canceled school (they actually announced it yesterday!). So I took full advantage of the extra day of break. I will start grading on Monday.

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