Monday, September 01, 2008

A wonderful end to summer

I figure Labor Day weekend is pretty much the official end of summer. We enjoyed every last second of it.

My cousin Rob married Vita on Saturday. It was a beautiful, and very fun, wedding. I'll post a photo of the cute couple below. You can check out some more on my Flickr site. I took over 300 between the rehearsal and the wedding, so there are plenty to look at. I will warn you though, I'm not posting all 300 as many of them are not publishable quality. I am so happy for these two. It's really fun to go to weddings of couples who are truly happy together. We've been really lucky this August to attend three such weddings.

After the partying, we decided to rest up. To be honest, after the first week of school and the wedding on Saturday, I couldn't keep my eyes open on Sunday. Poor Jack must have been so frustrated with his boring parents. We made it up to him though. We took him for a walk along the river and had lunch at Emmett's. Then today, Nanna came over and we played outside in the pool and went for a walk around the neighborhood. He's going to be pretty worn out for school tomorrow!

Speaking of my son, he's suffering from a pretty persistent diaper rash. So today, since we were playing outside, we figured we'd leave his diaper off to let him "air out" and rinse off in the pool. He loved it of course, he loves being naked. He then proceeded to pee on his Nanna, Breyer, the pool, and the grass. I like to think of it as marking his territory. He loves his Nanna, and his dog, and the pool, and the grass.

On another happy note, I made it through my first week of school with my flylady routines intact. So I'm going to keep this blog post short so I can get to my bedtime routine (it's the habit of the month, don't you know!)

Enjoy some photos!








Tina said...

Bad diaper rash. David used to get those terribly.

Go out an get some Lotrimin (yes, the athletes foot cream) and a thin coat of that right on the rash. Then slather in Desitin or whatever you use. Be sure what you use isn't the easy remove diaper rash cream. I really liked Triple Paste.

Amy and Alan said...

Sorry, no helpful comments here other than... "huh, huh, huh- your kid peed on everything..."
have a great school year! good luck, flylady!