Friday, November 03, 2006

A tough week

I thought this week would be a little easier. Finals were over, the grades were in. I knew I had grad class on Monday and Pasteup on Tuesday, but I thought if I made it to Wednesday, it would be smooth sailing.

For the most part, it was. I've got school somewhat under control. I have new methods for keeping myself organized and staying on top of grading. I've still got my student teacher working with one of my classes too.

It was still a long week. Wednesday, I got my hair colored, and Steve and I had dinner at Emmett's. We saw Tim Burns, and he let me give some menu suggestions. I don't know if he'll actually take them into consideration, but it made me feel really good! After dinner, I was in bed pretty quick.

Then Thursday came along. After work, I thought I had no plans except to go to the bookstore with Steve. But I forgot that I had promised Cathy I would help her find a digital camera. So once I finally left school (at about 4:30), I went with Cathy to Best Buy. It was a successful trip; she has a really cool digital camera now. So I came home and met up with Steve. He was pretty tired, as was I. So it was off to Luke's for a gyro and a hotdog. Then back to the couch.

Steve has been a little bit more productive than me this week. He's run twice and walked the dog a lot since I had late nights early in the week. He also had to man the candy bowl on Halloween.

Tonight, my mom is over and we're scrapbooking. And by "we" I mean my mom. We ordered a pizza, chatted a lot, and then finally started around 7:30. I decided to blog instead. I don't really know where to start with my scrapbook at this point since I have so much to do and no organization. The blog is much easier. My mom, on the other hand, is much more organized. She's made a page for Susie and Peter's scrapbook. And she's done several pages for her scrapbook of my and Steve's wedding. She's pretty awesome.

So the general theme of this week has been eating out. I'm feeling very unhealthy and sluggish. Next week, I really want to make sure I eat better, just take better care of myself. I think that's a pretty doable goal.

So I think that's all the excitement for this week. Next week we head to Nashville for the journalism convention. That should bring some excitement for us.

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