Tuesday, October 31, 2006

It's only a flesh wound

Happy Halloween! I'm actually at work, so I'm not feeling very halloweeny right now. We did celebrate, though, on Saturday at Tim and Melissa's. You can see by the photo to see how fun Steve and I were. (We're not the doctors/nurses!) Steve was the creative one who found our Monty Python costumes. I think they were a little wasted on the party though; not many people knew who we were.

Run away! Run away!

I don't feel like I've done much in the last week. I feel like all I have done is grade papers. That could be because all I have done is grade papers. Final exams really stink. Steve really got the raw end of the deal though. I wasn't much company. He managed to have some fun anyway. He went to Home Depot and bought the corded drill he's been eyeing. Then he used it to hang a shelf above the desk in the loft. It's very nice. It made grading on Sunday much easier since I had a place to sit and work.

So now I am looking forward to nice quiet evenings at home with my husband. Hopefully starting tomorrow.

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