Sunday, November 19, 2006

Thanksgiving is almost here...

Thank God!

I am so ready for an extended break I can hardly stand it. Of course, the long weekend will go by way too fast, but I am fully aware of this and still want it anyway.

This weekend was pretty nice after another hard week. I think the trip to Nashville took a lot out of me. Friday night, Steve took me out to dinner and we went to the bookstore in West Dundee. It's called Steeplejack, and the owner, Kim, is awesome. Being the book-nerd that I am, I really enjoyed going in there, smelling the scent of old books, and just talking about the fun things we've read. We also got a great deal on two books to add to our pile of reading.

Saturday was pretty fun too. Gena came out and we went shopping at Huntley. I found a bunch of cute new stuff, and I didn't spend our entire savings! We (me, Gena, and Steve) also went to see Ike Reilly play at the Double-Door. There, we met up with Kurt and Alex and ran into Michelle and Joseph. It was a really fun show.

Today, Steve and I went to Alex's christening. It was a really nice ceremony, just really long. There was knocking on doors, some water pouring, lots of standing up and then sitting down. I think it went well though. Alex didn't cry at all; she is such a great baby!

Now, it's back to work. I didn't get much work done this weekend. I have a ton of stuff to do for grad school; I have a grading piling up; we have our family coming over for Thanksgiving dinner on Thursday. I think I'll focus on dinner, that's way more fun!

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