Tuesday, November 28, 2006

I don't have a good title...

We made it through Thanksgiving! And I think we found the trick to enjoying ourselves. We cleaned on Wednesday night. Thursday morning, we woke up early (8 a.m. is early for me on a day off) and started the turkey after having some homemade coffee cake. We had the table set and everything ready to go by the time people started arriving around noon. It was awesome.

We served 14 people dinner in our modest townhome this year. The tables stretched from the dining room into the living room. But I think this was a plus for Joey, he got to keep an eye on the football games. This was the first year we were able to all sit at one table, which was pretty cool. I really enjoyed being able to talk with everyone at dinner.

Of course, we busted out the board games later for more fun. We tried out Wheel of Fortune first. I think that's a hard game to play with lots of people. I don't think Eric and Julie really liked either. Maybe if there was a "Hot Sauce" puzzle it would have been more fun. Susie, Peter and Kathy Bdot won that one.

We moved onto the more traditional Trivial Pursuit after the Wheel. This went pretty well, but seemed to go on FOREVER. I think it was 11:30 by the time we finished. Steve, Aunt Colleen and Nan won that one.

I have some cute pictures, but due to technical difficulties with the digital camera, I can't post them yet. The Canon has trapped my photos!

So Friday Steve and I slept most of the day. We did get up early to take Breyer to the vet. She hurt her back right foot. The pad was cut up. She got a nice little bandage though and had to wear her booty for a few days. The booty is so cute; I wish she would wear them normally. She usually just kicks it off. She was great about the whole thing this time(except the removal of the bandage, but who likes taking a bandaid off of a hairy spot?). She was pretty healed up by Sunday, and she's finally back to her normal self today. Lots of energy, lots of head shaking.

This is turning into a long blog, but I was waiting to blog until I downloaded my pictures. Since that's not going to happen anytime soon, I decided I better get this stuff down before I forget it all.

I started Christmas shopping early this year. I've already bought three gifts! I think Steve has started his shopping too. I had a lot of fun shopping with my mom, Cathy, Susie and Nancy on Saturday. I forgot how tiring shopping gets though. Thank goodness Woodfield wasn't too crowded on Saturday. I don't think I could have handled all the crowds with the pushy sales people too.

So now we're back at work, trudging through until the winter break. Yea break!

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