Wednesday, July 09, 2008

No pictures, just some ramblings

So Jack is down for his afternoon nap and I have a few minutes. I seem to be forgetting my camera a lot lately, so I don't have any new pictures for you. This might be a good thing though. Forgetting my camera means that I am spending more time focused on the things we are doing instead of looking for the best angle to shoot from.

Anyway, Jack is a rolling maniac now. It's very fun to watch him roll over to try to reach his toys. I think he really wants to crawl too. He just has to figure out those arms first. The legs are ready.

One of my two favorite things of late are how he smiles at me or Steve when we go to pick him up from his crib after he's been sleeping (nap or night). The look in his eyes is that look you give someone when you haven't seen them for a long time. It makes me feel pretty special. My second favorite thing is the way he looks at Breyer now. He thinks she is just the coolest toy. When she walks into the room, he looks at her and smiles this huge grin. Then he'll just watch her as she walks around the room. If she comes by us, he'll reach out his hands to grab her. I'm trying to teach him how to pet her, but so far we're really only grasping at her hair. All in due time I guess.

So we're having a pretty good week here at the Barrett compound. I hope I'm not jinxing it by saying that! Steve's settling into a routine for grad school. I'm settling into my flylady routines. Jack is adjusting his sleeping routines to keep me on my toes. Breyer is getting to go outside without it being too hot.

Today, Jack and I met Auntie K, Katie and Kelly for brunch at Burnt Toast. We did this once before while I was on maternity leave and it was so much fun. My aunt and cousins are always a hoot, and today was no exception. Jack was a little standoffish at first (I think we might be developing stranger anxiety), but he warmed up pretty quickly. He was smiling and giggling at everyone. We also tried out our booster seat for the first time today. It was pretty nice to be able to have him sit at the table with us and play with his toys. The booster doesn't support him as well as the high chair does, so he was leaning every now and then. But I figure that's a good way to build up the sitting muscles.

Oh, so I'm really liking Flylady. The hardest part so far is trying to not do too much. I'm working on my morning and night routines, which I am finding to be comforting and a struggle at the same time. The night time routine is a little easier since Jack is already asleep. The morning routine is tough since I get up when Jack gets up. I'm thinking I'll just wait until his morning nap and do it then. When I go back to work it will probably be easier because I will be getting up before him. However, the one thing I love about summer is not having to wake up at the crack of dawn, and I'm not willing to give that up for a routine.

Update on the dinners
So the calzones were a hit, although I think Steve would have liked them better with pepperoni instead of so much ricotta and spinach. The Gnocchi with cinnamon butter was also delicious, however I think it is a serious risk to my heart since the sauce is just butter with cinnamon. I melted a stick and half of butter and then drowned the gnocchi in it. How could it not be delicious? I think this recipe is definitely worth making again, just not very often... like once or twice a year.

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