Sunday, July 06, 2008

I love July 4th

It's been a few days and there is so much to blog about!

First up... July 4th. I love July 4th. We have been going to parents' house now for several years, and each year it gets better and better (and it was pretty darn fun to start with). This year, there was a bona fide baby pool ready for the boys and Steve. Auntie Bubbles made sure there were plenty of glow sticks so we could keep track of Shane and Grandma Sue as the sun went down. The food was incredible. We even made it to the parade and didn't pass out from the heat. Of course, this year the weather was much more tolerable than last year.

I have tons of fun photos from the event. Check them out on the slideshow or on my Flickr photostream. I'll post a few here just for fun.

Pogo Champ
Pogo Champ

Bubbles and the boys
Auntie Bubbles and boys 2

Waiting for the parade
Along the parade route

Shane waiting for the candy

Enjoying Jack's 1st Parade
His firs parade

Pretty Fireworks
Fireworks 6

Snuggled in for the night

A comment on this last one. I am in love with the Baby Bjorn again. It was so nice to be able to snuggle Jack into this during the fireworks, and he didn't seem to mind it too much (and actually was pretty happy once he was tired). The only downside to it is trying to eat. After the fireworks, we go back to my parents' backyard and make s'mores. I love s'mores. Steve was kind enough to make them for me so that I didn't have to get so close to the fire. However, he couldn't help me get them into my mouth. Poor Jack ended up with marshmallow in his hair. Don't worry, he slept right through it. And marshmallow comes out the next day in the bath, no problem!

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