Monday, June 16, 2008

Summer vacation is finally here!!

That's right, it is the official return of Summer Karen. I am so excited I can hardly stand it!

I have some great pictures to share in today's entry. But first, I thought I'd describe my first day of summer vacation. We put Jack to bed last night for the first time letting him cry himself to sleep. It went pretty well. He cried for less than half an hour and finally fell asleep. Steve volunteered for the dirty job of sitting with him and letting him cry. I sat in the office (right across the hall) and paid bills. I needed to have something to do to keep myself from getting too upset. Jack then proceeded to sleep really well; he woke up for his one feeding and then went back to sleep.

Jack woke up a little before 6, but we waited until 6 a.m. to get him. It was pretty fun going in to his room with Steve and seeing him smile at the two of us. What a great way to start the day!

From there, we went on a walk, the whole family! Breyer was so excited she couldn't keep all four paws on the floor at once. It was a nice morning for a walk too.

After Steve left for work, Jack and I played a little more on his playmat and then it was finally time for his first nap. I let him cry it out again, but it only took a few minutes and one renukking. I decided to take a nap too, and we slept for two hours!

This is when the fun started. We got up and it was time for Jack to eat again. I made his bottle and fed him. Steve had called, and I figured we could leave for his office in about 30 minutes. I hung up, then realized I hadn't taken my shower yet. I took what I thought was a quick shower and then started packing up Jack for our outing. I was almost all ready to go (it had been about 45 minutes at this point) and I couldn't find my wallet. I searched everywhere. I even called Outback, where we had eaten last night. I finally got ahold of Steve and he had put my wallet in the glove compartment of the truck.

Finally, we were ready to go (it had now been an hour). I picked up Jack and headed for the carseat. He vomitted all over both of us and the floor. We detoured from the carseat to Jack's room, changed his clothes, headed to my room, changed my clothes, went back to the carseat, cleaned the floor and my shoes, then finally hit the road. It had only been an hour and 15 minutes. Luckily, Steve is patient.

We had lunch at Old Towne Pub, which was really relaxing since there weren't many people there. Jack watched the flat screen the whole time. After we dropped off Steve, we headed for the grocery store and Target. We finally made it back home around 3, just in time for Jack to eat again.

Jack did take another nap this afternoon, which was nice. I was able to relax a little after all of the excitement of the midday. Steve came home and it was like Jack knew and woke up just for him. We had dinner, and little more play time, and then a bath. Jack went to sleep a little easier tonight, he only cried for a few minutes, maybe five.

What a great start to vacation!

Okay, here are some fun photos!

Father's Day





Barrett Family Day out


5 months old

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