Saturday, June 28, 2008

The fun stuff we do

So today Jack and I went to the pool for the third time. I just realized that I hadn't blogged about any of our pool adventures yet.

Today, we went to Sleepy Hollow Pool with Beth and Lily. I was rushing out of the house to meet them, so I forgot my camera. I will get pictures of those lovely ladies next time. We had a great time though. Surprisingly, there were very few people at the pool today. We were able to get chairs under the shade and we were able to sit in the zero depth area without getting splashed by other kids. The weather was great: the sun was out, but there was a nice wind to keep it from getting too hot.

Lily loves the water. She was so adventurous, often crawling away from Beth toward the deeper water. Beth even had her jumping in from the side. Don't worry, it was only a few inches down.

Jack really likes to stand in the water. He hasn't quite learned how to splash at the pool yet. He does know how to splash; he has proven that during bath time. Today we even played with a few little toys at the pool, which was fun.

Our previous adventures to the pool were this past Thursday when it was super hot. Steve worked from home and was able to go with us and Auntie Bubbles came out on her day off. The pool was pretty crowded, but we managed to get in and cool off without too much trouble. It really took us back to our younger days when we were all pool rats playing games and not wanting to ever get out.

Our first trip to the pool was to Cathy's pool at her condo. That was another pretty hot day. Jack was awesome then too. The water was pretty cold, but he took it like a man. I actually have some photos of that.



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