Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Rolling Over!

Rolling Over!
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So it has officially started; Jack is moving!

He rolled over for the "first" time last Thursday while Auntie Bubbles (Cathy) was babysitting. He was on his tummy and pushed himself over to his back.

Then he rolled over for his dad on Father's Day from his back to his tummy (he's such a thoughtful little boy!).

Then yesterday he rolled over for me! That's when this picture was taken.

Now everyone warned me to beware once he started rolling over. Well, I just laid him down for a late afternoon nap. We've been letting him cry himself to sleep in an effort to teach him how to soothe himself. So I let him cry for a few minutes. Then I went in to check on him because he was getting louder and more irritated. Yep, he had rolled over on his tummy! Guess even Jack knows that he should be sleeping on his back, not on his stomach!

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