Sunday, November 11, 2007

This is for you, Susie!

So my sister has become a way better blogger than me. She has been awesome about updating those of us who love and adore her about her pregnancy, the new house she and Peter just bought, and all of that fun stuff.

However, I am not one easily defeated. So I am returning and hopefully rising to the challenge, at least for a little while.

So this weekend, Steve bought me my Christmas present early. It's a long story as to why, but I am excited, and who am I to turn away an awesome, early Christmas present. He bought me the Nikon D40, the digital camera I have been wanting. So, now I have pictures to put up here, which makes blogging way more fun for me and more interesting for you.

I am not so good at regular mail, so we never sent out change of address notes. That would have been cute and nice, but I was bust getting and staying pregnant. Of course, that also means that we haven't had an official house-warming party either. So I took some photos of our house yesterday for those of you who haven't been out to see it yet. We've redone all of the bedrooms now (we're just waiting for the baby furniture) and we've furnished our great room.

My personal favorite part of our house is the screened-in porch overlooking the north end of our backyard. It's awesome to sit out there in the spring, summer, fall and eat dinner or grade papers or just sit.

Now on to the more fun stuff... our pregnancy!

We were officially 29 weeks this past Friday. At our last doctor's appointment (last Monday), we had our last ultrasound photo taken. He smiled for us, which was cool. However, he's getting a little big for good ultrasound pics. His umbilical cord got in the way of most of the good shots, and when that wasn't in the way, his put his little arm in front of his face. I think he's like his dad: he just gets sick of pictures after a while.

Anyway, we have tons of great ultrasounds from earlier in the pregnancy. Here's one of my favorites!

As far as pictures of me, well, I have an old one. But I think I look different now. This afternoon we are going to celebrate the engagement of my cousin Rob to his girlfriend (now fiancee) Vita. I'll try to get a good photo there and post it later. I also have a really good story about our prenatal class (good as in the class was awful so the story is funny). I'll post that later too.

Well, Susie, I hope this updates you enough for today. And look out, I have a camera and I am going to be good at this again!

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Susie Nustra said...

Karen, I couldn't be happier that you are eager to kick my butt at blogging. The pictures of your house look fabulous...I have been there, but it is nice to see the border up in the baby's room.