Sunday, November 25, 2007

Way past my bedtime

It hurts to sleep at night right now. The heartburn is just killer. So instead of sleeping, I'm updating my blog.

It's been a busy holiday weekend and I've got some cool photos to share. We started with Thanksgiving, our first party in the new house! We had 14 people for dinner and 23 for dessert. However, everyone kept commenting that it didn't feel crowded at all. Steve lit a nice fire that kept us toasty all evening.

From there we went on to Christmas preparations. The Nustra Family was very kind in letting us join their holiday tradition this year. We went to Richardson's Farm in Spring Grove and chopped down our Christmas tree. Well, actually, Steve did the cutting. I did help by pulling the tree while he was cutting, but really, it was all Steve. So the tree is up in the living room. I'm going to try to get it decorated this week some time.

We finished off the weekend with a baby shower for Susie and Peter. My mom and Cathy did an awesome job of throwing a party. Cathy made chocolates for all of the tables and guests, and they were a hit. The present Bingo game went over pretty well too as soon as we figured out what a toy bar was and that blankets are not Rocking Horses (sorry Aunt Jen!).

Overall, I am exhausted. It was a lot of fun packed into four days. I just don't know how I'm going to do all of this once Jack gets here. I'm having a hard enough time right now!

Well, I think the heartburn is starting to let up a bit, and I do have to work tomorrow. (For those of you who are worried, don't be. I got a nice long nap this afternoon!).

Enjoy the photos!

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