Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Colin is three months old!

Colin is getting pretty big. You can look at him and see that. And if you hold him long enough, your back will tell you that too. But that might have more to do with the fact that we don't have any chairs or other places to sit. He's also growing lots of hair. And I think he's slowly realizing how his arms and legs work.

He's also developing quite a fun personality. He loves to smile and coo when you talk sweetly and smile at him. He loves his brothers dearly, and you can see it in his eyes when either of them come into his line of vision. 

And I think we're finally sliding into a baby schedule. There's nothing set in stone, but he does seem to wake up, eat, play, then fall back to sleep. He'll take a pretty decent nap in the morning, especially if we're out walking around. And in the evening, after he eats, he gets pretty fussy before he'll go to sleep for the night. Now he doesn't sleep totally through the night yet, but he does do good stretches. He usually wakes up once during the night, after midnight, and then again in the morning around 5:30, then he'll usually sleep until 7 or so. 

He still spits a ton. We go through a few outfits each day, and when I say we, I mean both Colin and me. Today, I was putting him in the Moby wrap to go into the grocery store, and he proceeded to burp and then spit up all down my front and his. We wiped up, got Reid, and then continued shopping. I figured he was covering the spit up anyway, and I didn't plan to be close enough to anyone at the grocery store for them to smell us.

Right now, our favorite thing to do is go for walks around town and take the big boys to the park. He also likes to lie down on his back and just move and wiggle around. We're still learning that he likes this, so sometimes he gets pretty mad at us for holding him too long during his awake time. I'm thinking it's time to get a playmat/baby gym for this little guy.

On to month four!

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