Sunday, September 14, 2014

A short update

We moved into our new home last Monday afternoon, and we've been without internet and reliable cell service since! We can get a little bit of a signal from the upper floors of our townhouse, but it's nothing great. This has made keeping in contact with our friends and loved ones quite a challenge this week. I don't think I've spoken with anyone in that entire time, which is a new record I'd rather not have set.

Things are good though. The house has lots of space (all things considered) and we have wonderful neighbors. Marissa and Preston have three children as well, so they understand our craziness. So far, Marissa has loaned us two buckets of train toys for the boys to play with, invited us to the park, taken me on a tour of Surbiton and had tea, and Preston and Marissa have taught us about radiators. I need to find a really nice bottle of wine to begin to repay their kindness.

Since we are also without television, we've spent a lot of time at a local park or, like today, exploring the area. We took a beautiful boat ride down the Thames to Hampton Court Palace and played the day away there. 

Jack has started school too. We found a nice small private school in nearby Kingston. It's not Montessori, but it does operate on a multi-aged classroom philosophy with kids having lots of choice about learning with lots of one-to-one adult interaction. So far Jack is not totally convinced he likes it, but his teachers say he is adapting well and he has had great stories about his days when he gets home. The school is called Educare Small School if you'd like to look it up.

I also have pictures from his first day, but those are on my good camera, and therefore have to go through my computer, so you'll have to wait until I get internet to see those. I'm posting this from my phone. 

So I'll end this now, before my finger falls off, with a few photos from this week (they were all taken on my phone)

Take care!

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