Tuesday, August 19, 2014

We are here! We are here!

We made it to England!

And so far, we're all extremely overtired and jetlagged!

The 8 hour flight was fantastically uneventful. There were a few extra seats near Steve and the big boys in coach, so Jack and Reid got to stretch out and sleep. Steve didn't sleep much since he was worried about the boys though.

Colin and I were treated extremely well in business class, so he returned the favor and didn't make a peep the entire time, One of the flight attendants even accused him of being a fake baby since he was so good! He was the hit of the section. And he even nursed twice! So I was able to enjoy my beef short rib dinner and hot fudge sundae dessert! If we could afford it, I'd fly business class every time!

Once we arrived, we made our way slowly and awkwardly to our rental car, a Volkswagen Sharan. We did end up getting everything packed, but we had a lot of stuff: 6 suitcases, 6 carry-ons, 3 car seats, and 1 stroller. I thought for sure we'd have to split up for the ride to the apartment so I could take a taxi to bring whatever didn't fit in the Sharan. Turns out we fit better in the car here than we did in limo on the way to O'Hare! We even had a little room to spare!

We had a little trouble getting in to the apartment, but after a phone call or two, we figured out how to get into the building and met the guy with the keys. Steve and I got the boys (all 3) down for naps, and even got a little sleep ourselves.

We finished our first day with a trip to Harpenden for dinner and a grocery shop trip. We bought the basics: eggs, bread, milk, nutella, Digestives, and Cadbury chocolates. We should be set for breakfast! And while we didn't get fish and chips for dinner (we had pizza at a pretty nice restaurant called The George), Steve did take the boys by the Chippy and bought a box of chips for take-away. They were delighted.

So now we start the process of adjusting to the time change and trying to make this place a home. Baby steps. The boys only asked about Grandma Sue's and Nama's houses once today. I only cried once today about missing Chicago (and I attribute those tears to sleep deprivation). Keep your fingers crossed for us that these next steps are as smooth as our flight!

P.S. pics to follow. I'm working on getting a new phone and coordinating all of my technology!

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