Monday, August 25, 2014

It finally rained... And we're doing laundry

Today marks the end of our first week in England, and it really was a beautiful week weather-wise. It drizzled here and there, but for the most part it was sunny and clear every day. But today, we finally got the weather we expected moving to London: rain. 

We didn't let it stop us though. In fact, we had a pretty good day because of it. We started off at Starbucks for coffee and muffins. Then we stopped at H&M so I could purchase a coat suitable for the weather here. Then we continued to walk through the shops exploring in the rain. We picked up some diapers and umbrellas and enjoyed the weather. 

We had lunch back at the apartment before we headed out for a drive around the county in the rain. I drove most of it, and it was great practice. I'm definitely feeling more comfortable behind the wheel on the left side of the road. I even avoided an accident when a car tried to pass another car by coming into my lane directly head-on at us. 

We finished our road trip with a stop in Letchworth Garden City where the boys played in the rain in the fountain while I fed Colin. They loved it. And Jack was so soaked he rode home pantsless. 

We've also finally figured out the washing machine here. And my dear friend Mary was right about the drying function - it's not much. So we're also learning about drying racks for full loads of laundry in a very small space. At least we have clean clothes.

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