Friday, November 23, 2012

And the season begins

We love Thanksgiving around our house. And I do mean we. Steve loves cooking turkey and ham, and he loves using multiple grills at one time. Jack went to bed Wednesday night barely able to fall asleep. He kept telling us how excited he was for Thanksgiving and all of our guests who were coming over. Reid loves any chance he gets to follow Pepere around or to play with lots of kids, both opportunities were in abundance on Thanksgiving. I love my family and food, and this holiday nicely brings them both together.

It is also now a firmly entrenched tradition that the day after Thanksgiving is Christmas Tree day. Jack made sure we knew how excited he was about going to get a Christmas tree by asking us to get out the decorations first thing this morning, at 6:30 a.m. We finally left the house around 10:45. Despite the deep drop in temperature between yesterday and today, all four us made it out to cut down the tree this year. Jack had lots of fun helping pick out the tree (he even brought his binoculars to see the trees better) and running around with Nick. Reid really enjoyed the wagon ride but was a little disappointed in how difficult it was to walk out in the field. We all enjoyed the donuts and hot chocolate.

As we wrap up tonight, the house is decorated for Christmas. The boys are asleep. And Steve and I are breathing a sigh of relief as the heavy work is done and we can now enjoy the season.

Here are some pictures from yesterday and today.















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