Wednesday, August 29, 2012

My wild and crazy boys

Reid is definitely on the move lately. And he is not content with just crawling. Luckily, he has his older brother to show him lots of fun things he could be doing, like jumping on a trampoline or riding a powerwheels quad.

Over the last week or so, Reid has become much more adventurous, and, therefore, much more accident prone. He crawls through the end tables in the living room and falls on his face as he comes out on the other side. He pulls himself up onto the treadmill in the basement and then falls on his face when he crawls down. He pulls himself up on his knees and then falls over and bonks his head on the floor or whatever toy happens to be in the way. There is lots of falling. He does recover like a champ most of the time.

So today, I realized that our baby is really well on his way to being a toddler.  He's been climbing up on the trampoline while Jack jumps for about a week, so that should have been a clue. But today, Jack finished riding around on the powerwheels quad and left it a few feet away from Reid. Reid made a beeline for the quad, and then pulled himself up to standing holding onto the handlebars. He looked at me like "Come on Mom, just help me get the rest of the way up. I've gotten this far!" So I did. And Jack came over and helped with the rest. They had quite a good time riding back and forth across the basement for about 15 minutes. And if you have ever watched my children play, you know 15 minutes is like an hour in regular people time.


So now we need to invest in that child-protection foam stuff you put on all of the sharp-cornered furniture. That, and maybe a helmet or two.


I have too many fun things to write about today to keep it short and focused. So here's my second story. My friend Mary and I took our boys to the Discovery Center Museum in Rockford. It was pretty fantastic, to say the least, and you should check it out if you get the chance. We stayed and played for a full three hours, and the boys would have loved to stay longer if the Museum didn't close then (and if we weren't so hungry and tired!).

I felt so proud and excited when we found the television news studio, and Jack was excited about it. He and his friends pretended to do the weather and played Batman thanks to fun green screen technology. I  sat Reid at the news desk and pretended to do the news. The museum had lots of science exhibits that were amazing. But the journalist in me loved our few minutes back in the newsroom.




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Susie Nustra said...

Sounds like fun in the Barrett house! I would like to order a print of the two of them on the quad...can you email it to me?