Thursday, August 16, 2012

Jack's first day of PreK

Yesterday was Jack's first day of PreK at Sleepy Hollow. It's his last year of preschool, which is a little crazy to think about. He's going every day this fall, which will be more like his routine when he was in daycare or at Little Wildcats.

He had a nice first day. He insisted on bringing his new pencil sharpener. He told me he didn't get to use it though since they didn't have to write anything. He was a little disappointed that they didn't get to go outside and play. He liked his breakfast though. He told me he had a cupcake. He had a blueberry muffin :). He didn't remember his friends' names, but that doesn't surprise me. He often feins forgetfulness when he is done talking about a topic.We celebrated the first day with a trip to the Sugar Hills Bakery for some cake pops. Yum!

I decided to put a good Pinterest idea into practice. As we got ready to leave, I grabbed my camera and took a bunch of photos in front of the garage door. I figure that will be easy to do each year, so we can watch how he grows. I also asked him about his favorite things, so I added that text to one of the photos. This could be fun as he gets older! Hopefully he will continue to play along!

PreK photo

And just for fun, here are a bunch of those photos as well as a couple I took the other day as I was getting ready to take Reid's 9 month shots.






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