Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Jack's old grandma; my new camera lens

Some kids have imaginary friends, our child has an imaginary grandma.

Steve and I are taking this new development as evidence of the wonderful relationships Jack has with his three grandmothers. It's also quite entertaining. The"old grandma" usually comes up in conversation, not actually in interaction with us. It goes a little something like this.

Jack: My old grandma gave me lots of money. She has a hundred dollars.
Me/Steve: Really? Where did she get her money?
Jack: She had jobs.
Me/Steve: What kind of job?

And so on until he can't come up with any more answers.

Jack's old grandma has an army, a best friend (who she married), and lots of knowledge. The old grandma teaches Jack lots of things. And she used to come to our house, before Steve and I lived here.

I love his active imagination. I'm hoping he keeps it going for a really long time.

In other news, the new camera lens my family bought me for my birthday arrived in the mail yesterday. It's a 50mm prime lens with an F-stop of 1.4-16 . It's awesome. I definitely need some practice with it though. The nice thing about the 1.4 is that I don't need to use a flash until it's pretty dark (and I don't like using a flash). The part I need to practice is focusing. The field of focus when using the 1.4 setting is pretty narrow. I'm having lots of fun learning though!

Here are some of the better shots so far.








This one shows the benefit of the out-of-focus shot - me early in the morning

I took this tonight - no flash, just the light from the computer screen hitting his face

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