Saturday, April 14, 2012

It's all happening too fast!

So Reid is 5 months old already. Where has the time gone? I thought I'd start this post with a little time-lapse photography. Here's Reid:

At birth

2 months old

3 months old

4 months old

5 months old

Pretty crazy, huh?

We have started to give him rice cereal, although not regularly enough to say that he is eating it. He likes to hold the spoon and chew on the spoon. We'll get there! He is also very close to rolling over from back to front. Not totally sure how I feel about that. I'm excited to watch him develop, but I'm not ready for mobile baby. He is very good at grabbing his toys and moving them from one hand to the other. I would say his favorite toys at this point are his teething keys and balls. Not too hard to keep this guy happy!

On the Jack front, he is also doing quite well. He's at the age where his thoughts and ideas are just amazing to us. Lately, he has been talking a lot about when he grows up and can do things on his own. He talks about when he will get his driver's license and be able to go places just him and Nicky. He wants to drive with Nicky to get a new sunshade for his seat in the car. He also talks about getting his own house someday. Don't worry, he doesn't want to move far. He tells us his house will be in the backyard. He has big plans though. He sees things in books that he wants for his house. So far that includes a pool, a living room, and most importantly, a fire pole to go from one level to another. I think his house will be a pretty fun place.

The boys and I are slowly figuring out our schedule. I've been Jazzercising a lot more lately. And I get to take the boys with me to a Tuesday morning class. They get to play with other kids, I get to work out. It's a pretty good deal. We also have maintained Library Day. We go every Tuesday to return our books and pick out new ones. I love to watch Jack go through the new books and ask to bring home a bunch. We usually leave the library with about 7 or 8 books. We love to read together!

Jack has started a soccer class through the park district. He seems to like it pretty well once we are there. He's definitely the youngest kid in the class, and so he has the hardest time staying focused. But the class is an hour and 15 minutes, so I don't blame him. He does listen to his teacher when she talks to him directly, so that's a good thing. He's been very excited to show Daddy what he learns. I love watching Jack and Steve in the backyard with the soccer balls. I think this is what I dreamed about when I found out I was pregnant the first time.

Our home classroom is coming along great too. We are all learning in this process. I read tons of books about Montessori method and how to make materials. Jack is learning how to follow rules and respect the office. Reid is learning how to roll over and track objects. So far our favorite activities are reading books and using the magnet board. We have a game for the magnet board where Jack has to find the letter and word for a picture. So if the picture is of an ant, he finds the letter a and the word ant to go with it. He's doing pretty well. The letter C throws him for a loop. He thinks it makes the S sound. It's fun to watch him figure things out.

We took Reid on his first family vacation over Spring Break. We packed up the family, Breyer included, and drove down to Starved Rock for a few days. Jack and Steve got some good hiking in on the first day, but it was a little too cold for Reid, so he and I stayed in the lodge. Reid napped, I drank hot chocolate and ate fudge. Definitely a good day. We also got some swimming in, and when the weather warmed up, we all got to go to the top of Starved Rock. We even made a stop at an ice cream place. Overall, a good first trip for Reid and a nice get away for all of us. We are planning a more substantial vacation for the summer. I can't wait!

Well, I hope I have kept you entertained in this long post. Now that I have finished judging journalism contests, I am hoping to write more here. I have so much to say, and since I don't have high school students who have to listen to me anymore, I have to let it out somewhere!

Enjoy some pictures from the last month!


Starved Rock




Soccer class

Soccer with Dad

Bathtime fun

Easter eggs

St. Patrick's Day Parade



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