Wednesday, February 01, 2012

Jack's Birthday!

We can't believe that Jack is already 4 years old. When people say the time flies by, they are so right!

We celebrated his actual birthday (Jan. 11) by having waffles with whipped cream for breakfast, followed by a day of fun. He went to school and celebrated with his friends. They read his book "Press Here" and ate cake pops. Then we went out to dinner at "Big Door Pizza" as a family and had cupcakes made by Grandma for dessert. In true Jack fashion, he only ate the fruit on top of the cupcake. But that's okay with me, I finished his!

As he has gotten older, Jack loves using my camera to take pictures. In the interest of keeping my camera in good working order, we got Jack his own camera for his birthday. He loves it. He took it to school that Friday for show and tell, and he took a bunch of pictures.

We then had a birthday party for Jack on Jan. 21. It was his first "friends" birthday party. We invited 22 friends to play at Kids and Company (or Kids' Town USA) and they had a blast. They had scooter races, obstacle courses, parachute play, play houses, freeze dance contests, and all kinds of fun stuff. Of course, there was also cake and ice cream. For only 90 minutes, Jack was pretty worn out afterwards. Luckily, Auntie Bubbles and Uncle Mike came over and helped with the presents and dinner. It was a pretty fun-filled day.

Steve and I are constantly amazed at what our oldest boy says and does. A few weeks ago, he went through a stage of telling me about all of the "classes" he had gone to and what he had learned. He learned about clouds (rain and all) at cloud class. When we saw the power lines along the highway, he told me he learned about them at electricity class. It was pretty funny. Anything we talked about, he had gone to a class about that. He also loves to ask questions. While this can get tiresome at times, this is also the trait we wished for our child. We want him to question things and learn. And boy does he! He wants to know how the toll booths work and whether they take our picture every time we drive through them. He wants to know how we know he got out of bed at night. He wants to know what words are in the books we read. It's fantastic!

Well, I've written a lot here; I think it's time for some pictures.

On his birthday at home with his birthday crown from school

Just being his cute self

Celebrating with his friends at school

I'll post more pictures of his party later.

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