Sunday, July 19, 2015

One full year of school

Jack just completed his first full year of school in England. And happily, we can say it was full of learning, fun, and wonderful growing experiences.

His favorite parts of school this year were art and forest school. This is not very surprising considering the amount of drawing and painting and crafting he does at home, oh and the number of sticks he collects no matter where we are.

We love how much Jack talks about things from school. Just two weeks ago his class went on a tour of Kingston. Last Sunday, Jack repeated the tour for us showing us points of interest like where they used to tan leather with pee and where seven Kings of England were crowned. I wish I could remember all of the facts he spouts off about Kingston, or bees, or Brazil.

Jack has also made wonderful friends at school. We're always trying to schedule a playdate or hearing about the fun adventures he's had with his crew at school.

Now Reid has been in school for just about as long as Jack. Reid has also had a successful first year in Montessori school here. And just this month he has started going every day for the mornings.

Reid's favorite part of school is "drawing." It's been fun to watch his drawing skills develop over the course of the year. He's at the point now he can draw a clearly recognisable smiley face with hair. He's also made great strides on the shape inset tracing and drawing lines in those. And along this vein, he's started to write his name! He's also been very interested in letter sounds lately. He likes to imitate Jack spelling things. If you ask him a yes or no question, he'll answer "R - E - D, Yes!" It's pretty funny.

It's fun to pick up Reid from school and hear about the events of his day. He'll talk about his "best friends" that he played with and the work that he does. Reid has also made several good friends at school. When we see these friends around town, which is fairly often, Reid always waves and says hello, then turns to me and says "that's my friend from school!"

Now Reid will still go to his school through the summer, except for the times we are traveling or the occasional day here or there when we plan a fun day out.

Here's our comparison pictures from the first day this past autumn until this past Friday.

Jack - Year 2


Reid - Preschool 2


And just for fun, here's all three brothers :)


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