Monday, October 06, 2014

They have arrived!

Our things have arrived! And we are surrounded by them.

We've made two trips to a local charity shop to donate 5 bags and 4 boxes of things we either had multiples of or just didn't need. And there's plenty more heading for the same fate.

But it is so nice to have our things, especially our furniture. Unbelievably, the moving men were able to get every piece into the house and into the rooms we wanted it in. Steve is loving having his snuggler (couch) back. And you cannot overrate having a place to sit.

But of all of our things, there has only been one type of item I've had an emotional response to having my hands on. Our books.

I was slightly surprised at how excited and relieved I was to see my copy of "The Americans," a street photography book that resides on our living room bookshelf. And my heart was so happy when Jack and Reid squealed with excitement when they saw their copy of "Stuck" by Oliver Jeffers. We've read it several times now in the three days since we unpacked it. 

So you can keep my furniture, I can easily replace that. I can (and probably will) buy new clothes. But there are certain books in our collection that I would be so sad to lose and have to replace. So I'm pretty happy to have those back in easy reach.

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