Thursday, April 25, 2013

Play, Play, Play

Every day when I pick up Jack from school, I ask him what he did that day. And every day he gives me the same answer, "play, play, play." And right now, that's how I answer anyone who asks me what we've been up to lately.

Despite the random snow and the seemingly ceaseless rain around here, the boys and I have been trying to take advantage of every partly sunny/sunny moment to get outside (even if it means bundling up).

Turns out, my guys like to dig. So we go outside, find the old planting pots we abandoned in springs and summers past, and dig through them to get them ready to plant this spring. They also like to dig just about anywhere, so if I can keep them digging in the woods and not the mulch, I count that as a win. Jack also likes to hunt for worms. He finds them, then places them in a new cool, dark place together (so they can have friends).

Reid likes to do whatever Jack is doing. That means chasing Jack around the lawn with a shovel or down the driveway on his bike. When Jack is at school, Reid and I play cars, or tools, or climb the furniture. He also loves to color. And this morning, we tried out playing with shaving cream. He liked it enough to play for about 10 minutes, which I think is a long time for a 17-month-old.

If we aren't digging or playing cars, then it seems like we are cooking. We love to bake, especially chocolate chip cookies. But we also like to try out something new every once in a while. Below, you can see Jack putting together our pineapple bacon wraps. They were pretty yummy, but not as yummy as we thought they would be.

So here are some pictures of our two cuties as they play, play, play lately. Enjoy!








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