Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Summer is here!

So I actually "got out of school" on June 11. However, last week I was in a workshop all week, and on Monday, I worked summer school for a day. Today, Jack and I officially kicked off summer (at least for me!). We started with breakfast at Panera. Then we hit Safety Day at the library (awesome!). We took a nice nap after lunch. Then swam at the pool this afternoon. It was a great day.

Fire truck wee woo

Fire truck wee woo

I know I haven't updated since March (remember, quarterly updates :) ). So here's the scoop.

We celebrated Easter with the Watts family at Grandma Sue and Pepere's house. We prepared beforehand by coloring eggs, although we colored more on Easter.



Blowing up peeps with Grandma

In April, I went to Portland for the semi-annual Journalism Convention. But this isn't a work blog, so I won't go on about that.

In May, we celebrated Mother's Day at our house with a brunch. Pretty low-key, but very nice. I was also very busy with Cathy's wedding party fun. We had her shower at Auntie K's house.

But now it is June. Steve finished his grad classes for the quarter the same day I finished school. So we have packed a lot of fun into a week or so.

We hired a landscaper to get our yard under control. And boy did he and his crew do an awesome job. Watch your email inboxes for invites to our house now that we don't need a jungle guide to get through the weeds! We love it!


For Father's Day, we went to the Kane County Cougar's game. Jack actually watched a few at-bats. You have to start somewhere. His favorite part of the event was the jump-around obstacle course.

Steve's awesome photo of a baseball (don't you just love that lense!)

So Steve is back at school this week to bust through another two courses this summer. I still have lots of curriculum planning to get done before August. And we have an awesome wedding we are looking forward to in just a few weeks. Then... Vacation! We are leaving on a jet plane, so be sure to check back in July when I will update with those fun details.

Until then... enjoy the photos!

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Tina said...

PORTLAND!! HELLLLLOOOOOOOO, I don't recall an email coming by or an IM. I'm just across the river and I would've made the 15 min trip across to catch up with you.

Anyways, love the blog. BOOOO to the quarterly updates.