Saturday, May 02, 2009

Happy May!

We've been busy, but we're always busy, so I won't bore you with the details. Here are the fun highlights:

We went to Starved Rock/Fox River Resort for Spring Break. The whole family went (Steve, Karen, Jack and Breyer). And although the weather wasn't awesome, we had a great time. Really, you can't go wrong with an indoor pool. We even managed to do a little hiking. We will go back, and next time we will not try to use the jogging stroller at Starved Rock. They really mean it when they say it's a bad idea with all of the staircases and whatnot.

Jack is now in the toddler room at daycare. Our little boy is growing up fast. He's adjusting fairly well to the more structured schedule. He paints and draws and plays all morning. Then he usually gets a pretty good nap in the afternoon. He sleeps on a cot, which just cracks me up.

Jack is learning lots of new words lately. He now says "bye-bye," "outside," "shoes," "row," and just today... "bubbles." Now he said bubbles to Auntie Bubbles, which may seem like he learned her name first. I won't be totally convinced though until he says it only to her or in reference to her. He was saying it all night tonight and there was no Auntie Bubbles around, nor were we blowing bubbles. Time will tell.

Easter was really fun. In fact, we are still having Easter egg fun around our house. Jack loves playing with the plastic Easter eggs. He picks them up, puts them in other things, gives them to whomever will take them. It's pretty cute. We celebrated Easter twice this year, once with the Watts family (on Saturday) and once with the Reilley family (on Sunday). At the Watts house, Jack took to the Easter Egg hunt right away. He loved walking around the yard and putting eggs in his basket. On Sunday, he had a great time eating donuts and hanging out with everyone.

So now that the weather is nice, we're getting outside a lot more. I think that's been good for all of us! Until next time, enjoy the photos!

Spring Break

Stirring the Pot

Egg Hunting



Playing at the park


Easter Sunday

Happy Kid

Just wants to be outside

Nap Time

Happy Dog

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Susan and Don said...

Jack is definitely a are his parents and his gigantic dog ;-)

Happy May and Happy Mother's Day!