Monday, April 28, 2008

Brief update...

So this weekend was another big first for us.

This was the first time I spent a night away from Jack. Last weekend my students earned their way to compete in the State journalism competition. So this past Friday, we hopped on the bus and went to Charleston, Ill for the night to compete at Eastern Illinois University on Saturday. It was a little difficult. I kept trying to burb my students or to get them to take a nap, but they just wouldn't do it. Luckily, they are great kids and kept me occupied the whole time so I didn't get too down.

Steve and Jack had a fun weekend too. They played on Friday with Nanna, and she stayed over to play on Saturday too. There was lots of smiling and giggling. There was some crying too, but only because Jack's still trying to get used to his sleep schedule.

Anyway, I thought I'd record the momentous occasion. I lived through a night away from my boys. I'd prefer not to do it, but now I know I can if I have to.

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Susie Nustra said...

I envy you! The only thing I think I can't do is spend the night away. June 7th will be my first time, and if it wasn't the wedding day of two of my best friends I would be dreading it like the plague. Since it is their wedding day, I am only half scared that it will be here soon.

Anyway, I am happy you made it through the weekend!